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In Autumn 2015, Terrain, for so long a central figure of the French anthropological and academic landscape, bowed out with a final issue dedicated to the theme of nostalgia. Today, it is reborn with new partners and a new editorial team.

Terrain retains its tried and tested formula: a handsome paper edition, illustrated special issues, clear and accessible writing, an emphasis on ethnography, and a cross-disciplinary perspective. But Terrain is also moving forwards. Our new website will be up and running by Autumn 2016, proposing a range of themed online sections, with an ongoing bilingual submission and publication process:

# Sidelines

What are the ethnographic underpinnings of works of (literary or cinematic) fiction? Authors are invited to reflect on the novels, films, plays, etc. that draw on themes or are set in places with which they are intimately familiar.

Section editors: Christine Langlois and Anne-Christine Taylor Article length: 30,000 characters

# Fieldsites

Articles based on case-studies or situational analyses, accompanied by images or sound-files, which address relevant theoretical questions by mean of the ethnographic material. Submissions are welcome from across the human and social sciences (history, sociology, philosophy, geography, anthropology, psychology, linguistic anthropology).

Section editors: Sandrine Revet and Anne-Christine Trémon Article length: 30-50,000 characters

# Queries

Does music play a part in the civilising process? Do rumours kill? Do hunter-gatherers live in the Stone Age? Can we all become shamans? This section engages with received wisdom, nagging doubts, counter- intuitive notions, and popular prejudices reformulated as straightforward questions. Articles will offer a state of the art, outline the relevant issues and propose a scholarly walkthrough of their traps and pitfalls. They are intended for use in teaching contexts and may be accompanied by diagrams, audiovisual material or interactive animations.

Section editors: Emma Gobin and Victor A. Stoichita Article length: 20,000 characters

# Portraits

This section proposes profiles of people who have contributed to the diversity of the human and social sciences, be they unjustly neglected anthropologists, historians, or linguists; privileged interlocutors, missionaries or diarists; lost figures from the age of exploration or unheralded documentary filmmakers or photographers. We welcome submissions in a range of formats: interviews, personal narratives, video, photography, literary analysis, etc.

Section editors: Gil Bartholeyns, Matthew Carey and Jessica De Largy Healy Article length: 25-50,000 characters

# Symposia and Debates

This section offers a forum for bringing together a range of views on a topic, article or book with a view to developing or stimulating critical debate.
It welcomes opinions from anthropology as well as other related disciplines.

Section editor: Arnaud Esquerre

Submission and evaluation

Articles are to be submitted to terrain.redaction@cnrs.fr. They will be subject to peer review, with two internal and two external reviewers. The anonymity of both authors and reviewers will be guarded. Authors will receive a reply within two months, with the goal of publication within six months. The character count includes the bibliography, which should be kept to the strict minimum. We particularly welcome submissions that integrate audiovisual and other non-textual material into the argument and description Authors are expected to have secured permission for use of any copyrighted material. Feel free to contact the editors with any queries.

Please download and circulate this call as widely as possible : call-for-papers_terrain


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