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Objects of desire – Call for papers

With a focus on the loving attachments to objects perceived as emotionally dangerous, this special issue of Terrain seeks to shed light on current controversies and public debates surrounding electronic emotions. The aim is to decipher the different scenarios allowing for love to blossom between humans and non-humans – robots, electronic gadgets, dolls, fictional characters, sculptures, shadows, human remains, plants or animals.


Bandits – Call for papers

How do bandits become myths ? In this forthcoming issue, the journal Terrain invites authors to reflect on the many scripts and bricolages through which outlaws may become heroes.


Les vies simultanées de Krishna (Rajasthan)

Et si la libération s’obtenait en regardant des scènes religieuses et en menant une vie faite de divertissement ? Par l’analyse détaillée d’un pichvai (peinture) du Rajasthan, l’historienne de l’art Saumya Agarwal revient sur des moments marquants de la vie du...


Diplomacies – Call for papers

At a time of radical transformations in the realm of international relations, this issue of Terrain proposes to explore the diversity of forms that might be assumed by diplomacy – an art of communication and negotiation.


Drowning the Dead

During the exhumation of mass graves in Guatemala, forensic scientists and community members work together to identify the dead. Although their methods may appear irreconcilable, Alexa Hagerty shows in this beautiful text how the dead have a way of reminding themselves to the living that blurs the boundaries between science and dreams, between the biomedical conception of the body and the liveliness of bones – and haunts the anthropologist herself.


A Mangaka from the Haida Nation

Marie Mauzé. Anthropologue. Directrice de recherche au CNRS, Laboratoire d’anthropologie sociale, EHESS   “Of all the arts of which traces remain, that of the First Nations of the Northwest coast is certainly one of the greatest.” These are the words...

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